De que sirve comprar seguidores en instagram

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If you are considering the possibility of buying followers on Instagram through a website or a third-party app, take a few minutes to read this report before you jump into it. We explain what are the reasons why doing this is a terrible mistake.

From the point of view of brands, Instagram is the preferred social network for marketers. It occupies the first position in the rankings of knowledge (89%) and use (71%) of these experts, and also leads with a wide difference the hiring of influencers’ services by brands.

On the Internet there are hundreds of websites that allow you to buy followers on Instagram in exchange for a very low sum of money: paying less than 10 dollars you can get about 1,000 followers easily and in just a few hours. The problem with this practice lies in the fact that these accounts do not have a conventional activity, but are profiles used exclusively for this purpose that will not give you likes or leave you comments as normal users do.

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Internet users are not stupid. We know what we want. We have access to all kinds of information at any time and we look for real brands, that are authentic, that are close and that offer entertainment and valuable information.

Accounts with many followers are more reliable and attractive. Yes and no. It is true that, as users, if we see an account that we like and has thousands of followers we are very quick to jump towards the follow button. But, in the same way, if we don’t like the content or the frequency of publication is low, we end up forgetting that brand and even stop following it.

However, if the brand is working a good strategy and offers interesting content to its users, as well as interacting with them, it is likely to gradually gain more followers, even if it starts with few followers. An account with real followers will have participative followers, who give their opinion, comment on publications, share content and echo the brand on their profiles. On the other hand, an account with fake followers will have very little engagement (or none at all) and will create a certain distrust among real users.

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The more followers you have, the more traffic on your Instagram page occurs. Buy real Instagram followers can not only bring an apparent increase in audiences, but attract organic growth of views, likes, comments on Instagram. Moreover, with the increased traffic, your brand can get better recognition and even sales from the target followers.

There are plenty of competitors on Instagram to promote brands with dedication. To stand out among the competitive rivals, you need to get more and followers on Instagram at first. Buying Instagram followers is the most convenient way to get your profile page and posts valued higher. Moreover, your Instagram can gain a better ranking than competitors according to the algorithm.

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